Ando Hidetake

ANDO Hidetake he's a modern potter who has been recognized as an important intangible sentence holder in Gifu Prefecture by the technique of "Kizeto", who has been widely active as a leading artist in the pottery world. Ando Hijitake is committed to researching and reproducing Mino Momoyama Ceramics, acquiring high technology, constructing an anagana, and pursuing unique works that make use of its firing method.

Mino Ware: Characteristics Kizeto (Yellow Seto) a yellow pottery created in Mino during the Momoyama Era 

Ando work in a Mino ware producing area, as the third generation of the Tojimi, which lasts for over 100 years, but the reason that Ando took his way as a pottery artist was the Oribe of the Momoyama era, Kisedo, It was the great master of the pottery world who worked on the reproduction of Shino Kato Tokujiro. Until then, Ando was unwilling to repeat the work just to do the work, but at one time Kato Karakuro was visiting his father.

Ando Hijitake has been working on the research of the technique of "Kizeto", which is a kind of Mino-yaki in particular, for many years.

Kisedo is an old pottery grilled around Mino (Gifu Prefecture Toki City and its surroundings) from the end of the Muromachi period to the Momoyama period, and is characterized by a warm yellow covering made of iron.

The works of Ando Hijitake's Kizeto have their own style, with the depth and thickness of the atmosphere different from those of conventional ones. Ando Hijitake is working on Kiyoto and the works of Shino and Shigasashino, who are full of ripeness, in addition to the daily household appliances.

The works of Ando Hidetake are also popular and there is a possibility of expensive purchase depending on the work.