Getting Ripped Off on Japan Auctions:

 Buyer Beware

He seems to be one of the most credible gallery owners and credible sellers kobjaji

After 3 times with over 100 bids "sold" at 1100 Euros an Udagawa Chawan 

Its not a surprise to see again the SAME Chawan available again on sale for 2100 euros

is now again available on Yahoo, seller seems to be tired to bid on his items,

KOBJAJI's japanese gallery have a guinnessworld record of Self Bidding and Relistings.

This is just one of the too many tea ware re-listed by sellers like these.

I am not afraid of doing my job and passion. And I don't need to hide the fact that the great majority of ceramics are available on yahoo. Since my 90% of ceramics come from mailing lists or disused temples, I make people aware of taking them personally even in auctions. or you can solve the vast majority of your problems and take what you like here.