Geshi ( 夏至 ) Summer Solstice

BENTO (弁当箱)

Shinya Mizoguchi  (溝口伸弥)

Shinya Mizoguchi is a Cedar tree craftman creator that develops manufacturing based on the charm of "cedar" material. From the workshop which was colored with various sounds such as cutting sound, bending sound, imprinting sound, etc., he produce products full of warmth. Naturally surrounded, made obediently is located in Itoshima City, Fukuoka prefecture, enclosed by rich nature. So Shinya Mizoguchi who makes things making use of cedar trees. A maker who feels the strength of the core in kindness. In Fukuoka he became an apprentice to a craftworker of "Hakata bending" and Its coloring process is almost as if it is talking to cedar. Everything he do is not lacquered with chemical products but natural things as barley flours.

His lacquerware does not disturb the breathing of the wood, and the humidity of the rice is kept right until the container of the lunch absorbs it and is taken. Because moisture does not remain, lunch will be less likely to be damaged even during the hot season. A lunch box made by Mr. Mizoguchi San.

Mizoguchi Shinya · Cedar Tree Craft (Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture)

Born in the city of Kitakyushu in 1970, he grew up in Yokohama, graduated from Tama Art University, studied at Hita in Oita after working as a design office, moved to Itoshima in 2008 and opened a workshop.

A cedar tree is light when it comes into your hands, a warm tree with a warm and slightly perfumed smell when you touch it. Using cedars planted and grown by people, they are glued with lacquer, flour, milk casein, glue and the like. Production without burdening the natural environment requires time and effort, but every single day of work is comfortable.

By continuing to treat cedars, the nature and characteristics of the material, Mr. Mizoguchi who has become familiar with detailed parts due to differences in varieties. It is not with looks but a design born from the characteristics of the material. 

"I gained the skill of bending wheat. For various sounds such as cutting noise, bending sound, imprinting sound. The interest in cedar with diverse features becomes deeper, manufacturing making use of it has become more and more interesting. Also noticing that there are still many things you can do with cedar, The range of manufacturing is also expanding. I continue to make something that i can really use. "