Located in Kyoto's eastern mountain range on Mount Hieizan (比叡山), Enryakuji (延暦寺) is one of the most important monasteries in Japanese history. This  Ancient monastery nestled on the top of Mount Hiei in a lush natural environment populated by many other temples, misty gorges and high cedars that preserve a long and fascinating history, is considered the major spiritual center of Japanese culture. In moments of greater prestige it included 3,000 buildings with a population of several thousand monks. Most of the luminaries of Japanese Buddhism studied here before founding the different sects. This is why Enryaku-ji is considered the key place in the country's intellectual and religious history. But the temple found itself deeply involved also in national politics and even had its own army. Perhaps this was the cause of his downfall.

Eizan incense Mount Hiei  of Enryakuji  (延暦寺) 30gr x 135mm 

"Eiya incense".

Calm evil spirits with a powerful purification power, remove evil , protection and merit of ancestors It is characterized by a very sweet fragrant scent, a sandalwood stick used in Hiezan Enryakuji. Based on a special formula taught by ancient esoteric Buddhism It is said to contain honey, "Increment" and "Effect" and mysterious power are included in the incense.

1. Eliminate grievance and bad things.

2. It makes you forget annoying things.

3. You can get a ruthless as an amazing tool.

4. It will be a rich feeling and you will get results.

5. Will heal mental and physical damage.

6. You can get protection from the Buddha, the Buddha of the world of pregnancy.

7. You can be happy everywhere.

★EI5534 ★