Student of the Master and Academic Sculptor Luigi Gheno from 1985/88. I graduated in 1988 in Artistic High School / lively in the judgments and strong of a long experience, i have also been able to learn little secrets from the great and immense Valeriano Ciai. - Italian painter (Rome 1928/2013) a shy and secluded artist, who completed his classical studies and then attended the Faculty of Architecture in Rome, when with other lucky students i met him as a teacher in the Academy Art Section of Artistic High School.

Valeriano Ciai plays a prominent role in the painting of those years for the expressive methods experimented throughout his artistic career. Passing through difference experiences until a phase of almost abstract painting as a sort of "existential" realism: the human figure and the urban landscape!

"La Roma odierna è, per me, fonte di disagio. Lo stesso d'altra parte, che traspare evidente dalla mia pittura. Che è tutta un intreccio di linee. Che non ammette, neppure per gli alberi, colori diversi da quelli calcinati, tutti improntati a tonalità alte e fredde."

Performing Arts my landmark and my past always guarantees results. 

Consulting & Evaluation

Many people think conservators are the "magicians" of the art world. Restoration and cleaning is a delicate process.

We provide Help.

         Step by Step

We only perform reversible, visible interventions with professional material that can be restored to how item it was originally.

 (his worn condition).


We provide a restore Service able to refer constantly to clients photographs, useful images of the painting or peace of art taken before and after cleaning process.

Certify High Quality

We provide Performance, quality tests, that meets qualification criteria, regulations, or specifications typically called:   "certification schemes"      

      Shadow Tactics

Our "Divine Intervention" tactics will be discussed with clients in terms to understand defects & repair solutions. Restoring will be performed in "shadow mode" to ensure & restore work as origin.

       Target & Results

We only work to 100% positive results in terms to make you a successful happy customer. "Happy people plan actions, they don't plan results."

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