(*in which Photographs & Videos make a Significant Contribution to the Overall Content)  

My movement between relatively distant geographical locations!

Video Footage of Holidays and trips are the precious times worth preserving and sharing with family and friends. Make ones worth it's a big challenge and I've never thought about it. I do them especially for me, because the memories are often beautiful to be reviewed. However, I'm not very good then, but here if you wanna follow me, you can take a look to few moments i extrapolated by hundreds of hours of video footage i made with dozens of cameras,  that i have often changed but that have accompanied me in the last recent 30 years as a traveler.

I will soon update the whole world, in the meantime here there is enough material to get an idea of Japan, but also linking on YouTube or Vimeo in the various channels there are many other countries ... if you have curiosity ...