• Temae dōgu (点前道具, "items for the tea-making and service")

A wide range of utensils, known collectively as dōgu, is necessary for even the most basic tea ceremony. Generally, items which guests prepare themselves with for attending a chanoyu gathering are not considered chadōgu; rather, the term fundamentally applies to items involved to "host" a chanoyu gathering. This article, however, includes all forms of implements and paraphernalia involved in the practice of chanoyu. 

A sui-teki [水滴] is a water-dropper. It was used to control the amount of water added to an ink-stone (suzuri [硯]), when preparing writing ink. Some sui-teki have an extremely small hole in the spout, so that the water literally is dispensed in droplets, while others (such as the one shown above) are shaped more like ordinary cruets....

Shifuku (仕覆) refers to a variety of bags used for storing chaire and other tea implements. They are traditionally made from silk, and are often patterned or brocaded. Extremely precious implements were often held in bags made out of rare old Chinese brocades. Shifuku are secured with a kumihimo silk cord, which is tied in prescribed ways.