Munehiko Maruta (歴史)

 Born in 1961 in Takeo city located south to Karatsu city in Saga prefecture. (It takes 50 minutes by car.) His father Mr. Masami Maruta was one of the most popular ceramist who made Mingei pottery at Kuromuta area in Saga. Munehiko Maruta has also learned Mingei pottery at an atelier of Mr. Atsuya Hamada, the third son of Mr. Shoji Hamada in Mashiko. After four years of discipleship, he returned to Karatsu and made potteries in authentic Karatsu style. His observation on clay is sharp and his good controlling firing yields the best effects for his pieces. Maruta's work are made with different clays in Karatsu. They are from Ichinose-Koraijin, Uchida-saraya, Fujinokouchi. Gyuseki, Sari, Taku-Korai. Munehiko Maruta made each pieces with non-blended pure clays to show the characteristic view for each clay. Karatsu ware (唐津焼, Karatsu-yaki) is a style of Japanese pottery produced traditionally in and around Karatsu, Saga Prefecture.

The third greatest ceramic that Japan ranks above all others is Karatsu ware. It has brevity, is very simple, the essence of folk art, and was treasured by tea Masters for hundreds of years.  Karatsu ware suffers a long decline. The style has undergone a revival of sorts in the modern age. The appeal of Karatsu Yaki (Karatsu ware) is its simple beauty as a tool for daily life.  unique warmth and strength can be felt from the raw clay, which is rough and austere.


How to get back to Saga?
It is a precious experience to immerse yourself in an environment different from young people. I went to Mashiko and I realized Saga's goodness again. The saga has a long history of jellyfish. If I remember when I was a child, I'm watching the potatoes closely when I was there, and I felt like doing things in such an environment. So, I decided to go back to Saga and try my old Karatsu with the story.
What's your old Karatsu?
The story of the Old Karatsu is long, there are changes from time to time. In the Momoyama period, Kozu in Momoyama. Edo's old Karatsu is in the Edo era. I would like to create the old Karatsu of this age in modern times. When I do it, I always try to pay attention to weight and keep it fit. I do not like heavy equipment so much and I do not like it very much, but I feel comfortable using it, after all I will not get tired and will be used for a long time. When I started making pottery, something like a flower was meant "You should use it as you like", but now it's different. What happens if I live a flower? What will happen if you put a camellia? I imagine it while I do it. There is the feeling that the artist "using it" will clean himself for the author.- It seems that the materials and so on are collected by themselves, and the ceramics etc. Both studied.It's right I'll collect various terrains myself. Glaze is made with straw by farmers. Since I want to do my job convincingly, I think I only do what is obvious. Since it is the old Karatsu, it should be done as much as possible by the old way. Even if you bake it in the ground as if it were sold in a shop, it's not the old Karatsu. I use BAD ground, but humans will necessarily adapt to themselves. Because I try to adapt to my way of cooking, it becomes "bad land". If it burns on the ground, things will be born.If I had time, I looked at the old oven mark and thought, "What kind of pottery was made here?"

How many times have you make firewood every year?                                                                                          

It is about 7 to 8 times. Since I'm working with natural materials, I always have various changes. For example, different soil changes will be born in the same way. I'm enjoying this change.

What are your hobbies?
It is sea fishing. I'm addicted now. (Laughs) Before I go fishing I fix the tools, I fix the ship, I'm excited by that point. I think this time is important. I'm excited and I'm trying to make small impressions in my life. I would like my children to live such excitement, so I will take them as much as possible. There are also a lot of things to discover pottery tips in nature. For example, the shape of the rocks created over the years with the power of nature. Use this to smooth the petals of the flowers.

Small impression ...? .
Yes, recently, i went to a minimarket, well, i can buy the same things as an ordinary men