Seigan Yamane (歴史)

The famous Seigan, known for his "Seigan Blue," has created a white cup with thick white glaze running over brick-red Hagi-yaki clay.  typical of Hagi ware. Born in Hagi 1952 , Yamaguchi Prefecture 1972: Pursue a martial arts career through the style of Kyokushin Kaikan, Shoringi Kempo, and Ashihara-kaikan of a New International Karate Organization 1974: Established a Karate school. (continues to this day to be a master of the Karate school 1987: Decided to pursue a life in pottery. Built a kiln by his own effort spending a year. 1990: Made a presentation at 3rd. Hagi-ware Festival by recommendation of Yoshida Hagi-en Chokumon, and found ready favor. Subsequently, participated 13 times in the festival.Established his own kiln, Kousaian.1998: Held a private exhibition at a Konpuan gallery in Kuga.1998: Held a private exhibition at a Konpuan gallery in Kuga.2001: Held a exhibition at a Yamaboushi gallery in Hagi.2003: Held a joint exhibition with Ms. Yoko Yu in Yamaguchi.Held a private exhibition at Shinto gallery in Kobe.

Master Seigan use a square hanko on the box & signs the piece with a stick. or hanko chop. Some editions are very limited, commissioned or simply considered of prestige & not intended for the masses.


Born in 1952. He is also a martial arts instructor and high levels of energy and concentration can be found in his pottery. A self learned craftsman, Yamane decided to enter the world of ceramic "to understand the truth of the world". He founded his kiln in 1987 and after much research created his own blue Hagi, which he named Seigen Blue. He mainly exposes locally, but he is widely admired. His type of white chawan is called oni-hagi (demon-hagi) because of its contrasted and between-two-world look. The opposition between the dark and the white and the smooth and the rough create a divisive, devilish feel. The potter has named few particular bowls Hana-nio-yuki (snow of flower scent).