Yamato ( The Toko Mountain Matsuri oven Kiln )

Yamato Matsukari 11 Gen.

The Toko Mountain Matsuri oven Kiln is property of by Mr. Yamato Yoshimasa. An eleven children. Yamato was born in 1955 in the city of Yamaguchi. At university since he went to school he did not expect to succeed as a new generation of potters. He never realized this until graduation. He was a weak boy, and he was never sure that he would become a person able to undertake a normal job, after returning home from his parents to join his father 8 i mean school time), he began to help the family business with his brother. After making this for 30 years, in one occasion he said in a particular circumstance around 2015: " making this after all it was a good choice to have started the family path .. " Sometimes he hoped to do another job or other different occupations, but he came to the the conclusion that sometimes a person is born with the destiny of living in a certain way. It was one of the things he had to do to help economically contribute to his cousin's disease and bone marrow treatment.

Over the years thanks to the ceramics he was lucky enough to meet many people, from youngest to the oldest and from other countries. Having always considered learning a valuable experience, teaching was one of the things that gave him the strength to continue making pottery.

Located in Yamaguchi Hagi we don't have many informations, i went to hagi, 2 times, so i can provide to add more about this artist. Hagiyaki Yamaguchi Prefecture in Hagi-shi has a strong tradition since the Li Kun brothers opened in Matsumoto 李勺 光 · and Since Mori clan from Matsumoto to Hagi there is still lots of potters descendants that keept a tradition for years.

Mr. Yamato Matsukari have a strong style that incorporates the secret skill of ceramics has been acclaimed for many generations.