Shunbun ( 春分 ) Spring Equinox


The famous Seigan, known for his "Seigan Blue," has created a white cup with thick white glaze running over brick-red Hagi-yaki clay. typical of Hagi ware. Born in Hagi 1952 , Yamaguchi Prefecture 1972: Pursue a martial arts career through the style of Kyokushin Kaikan, Shoringi Kempo, and Ashihara-kaikan of a New International Karate Organization 1974: Established a Karate school. (continues to this day to be a master of the Karate school 1987: Decided to pursue a life in pottery. Built a kiln by his own effort spending a year. 1990: Made a presentation at 3rd. Hagi-ware Festival by recommendation of Yoshida Hagi-en Chokumon, and found ready favor. Subsequently, participated 13 times in the festival.Established his own kiln, Kousaian.1998: Held a private exhibition at a Konpuan gallery in Kuga.1998: Held a private exhibition at a Konpuan gallery in Kuga.2001: Held a exhibition at a Yamaboushi gallery in Hagi.2003: Held a joint exhibition with Ms. Yoko Yu in Yamaguchi.Held a private exhibition at Shinto gallery in Kobe.

6 plates
This is a Japanese pottery tea plate of Hagi Ware made by a famous potter, Seigan Yamane. Beautiful galaxy glaze covers the brown pottery. The seal of the potter is stamped on the bottom.
Seigan Yamane was born in 1952, and started making Hagi ware in 1987. And then, he started his own pottery in 1992 and has ever been awarded a lot of prizes for his great works. The "Sengan Blue" was developed in 2002, and he became famous for it.
(About Hagi ware)  

Hagi Ware Yamane Kiyoshi玩 maple dish autumn leaves [Three guests] japanese yaki

8.2 x 12.2 cm 秀逸作 "LUNAR" Seigan "Yamane Kiyoshi 玩" work Hagi Ware expensive stand bowl 

Seigan yamane ★ KUJYAKU-YUU ★ Seigan yamane 12x8cm ★

★ LOTUS ★ Seigan yamane ★ SEIJI CHAWAN TEA CUP

Seigan Yamane 山根 tea bowl with unique Blue CHAWAN CUP HAGI YAKI WARE 9,5x 13cm 

☆ New Year's first exhibition Hagi showcase Ido Chawan cup SEIGAN YAMANE YAKI Size diameter x height is about 13.1X9.6㎝ 

Seigan Yamane 山根 tea bowl with unique Blue CHAWAN CUP HAGI YAKI WARE 9.5x13cm 

Seigan yamane Hagi Ware glaze ★ 3 colours warikodai- ★ Seigan yamane ★ 14x9cm

Peacock glaze Seigan yamane ★ Cucumber- ★ Seigan yamane 12x8cm ★