Naokata Ueda

W 12.8 H 7.7
W 12.8 H 7.7

A superb Wabi sabi sample by Ueda Naokata enclosed in the original signed wooden box in unused condition.

Ueda Naokata (1899-1975) succeeded the name Naokata from his father in 1931. He was the first person named intangible cultural property of Shiga prefecture and his efforts to revitalize traditional Shigaraki firing techniques are incalculable. According to contemporary potter Kanzaki Shiho only Naokata andTakahashi Rakusai can be closed to these awesome name and Ueda family.

"Shiga has been a land with quality clay, and has long flourished as home to pottery. The feature of Shigaraki is its texture. It is a simple earth-color, with no lavish tints. When baked at a high temperature, the partially burnt color adds a warm touch. It is no wonder it was loved by the tea masters who valued the wabi-sabi aesthetic of Japanese art."

The Ueda family is along with the Takahashi family the oldest potter family in Shigaraki and largely responsible for preserving the old technique, especially after the second world war. The family has a long tradition as potters starting their business with Ueda Naokata I, who lived 1805-1891. Ueda Naokata IV succeeded his father the third Ueda in 1931.

"Ueta Naokata" The 5 known as one of the two major masters of Shigaraki-yaki along with Shunsai Takahashi. He was born in Shigaraki and studied under his father the 4th, succeeding him as the 5th generation in 1976. He continued his studies and still works on his creations every day.

Nakata also spanned the potter's wheel. Mr. Ueda is a regular member of the Japan Arts Association and represent Shigaraki, and are somewhat expensive.