Also Commonly called JR PASS

To be free in Japan is priceless, one of systematized actions when you travel to japan is to choose a Japan Rail Pass. We tried yet with a great pleasure to explore with it ancient cities like Kyoto and share the discoveries of japanese wonder and beauty by train. The first time JR Lines is a must! Since from Tokyo to Kyoto & Hiroshima is a long way by car many old and beautiful monuments such as palaces, temples, shrines, town houses and gardens can have easy access when u travel by train. The history, traditions and lifestyle of Kyoto & Tokyo its amazing and already we are talking about big cities in terms to think to go by rental car. In order to enhance myself, to learn more about the japan landscapes i experienced to go by car from Tokyo to northern alps of Minakami and on the way back to Mount Fuji few times. Having started traveling self drive since 1990, i have now lots of experience all over the world, and desert, snow is just something you have to be prepared when you travel in a different country.

Do i reccomend Japan Rail pass?

Japan Rail Passes are available to anyone visiting Japan on a short-term tourist visa. They provide a fantastic discount on regular rail travel, but if you don't have experience with Japan's rail transport system, it's difficult to know if you need one, which pass you should get. I recommend buying the Japan Rail Pass before you get to Japan to save money and the easiest and best way is through our affiliate Japan Rail Pass Official Vendor. Choose the duration of your pass and they ship it right to you. Japan is an incredibly unique and diverse country, from its bustling cities to its awe-inspiring mountains and tranquil temples. A 7 or 14 day Japan itinerary will features all the main highlights of the land of the rising and in that case i suggest Japan Rail Pass.

Secont Point (my point)???

The Japan Rail Pass gave us the opportunity to travel in a practical and economical way while allowing to access most attractions but it was not good for me. I mean, i preferred to mix different things as i am a kind of guy who want to get from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time possible.

 When I moved from Tokyo by car around japanese landscapes for few times 5-6 days, personally i found more "cheaper" traveling with a rental car. Traveling in freedom is priceless even i needed (in terms to provide a safe trip)  lots of help from our special good japanese friend Takeo.

GPS mostly is japanese even the menu will be probably in english, settings are not easy to do because u need to know a japanese typing .

If u are Brave, lets go for it! The Action is go! With experience i will never use Japan Rail Pass again , mostly because have some restrictions as to its validity and you cannot take all faster Shinkansen. When i used the car most of the times flights to Hiroshima or Hagi from Tokyo were really cheaper. And i always preferred to to pay 12000 yen for the fastest train from Hiroshima to Osaka. And Japan Rail Pass is not allowed to take a  Nozomi (のぞみ, "Wish") the fastest train service running on the Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen lines in Japan!!!!

The fastest trains are comfortable, i know this. Like a flight Nozomi is the fastest train in the entire Japan Rail Network, and at a speed of 250 km/hr you will travel from Tokyo and Kyoto in 140 minutes. Nozomi takes only 2 hrs and 25 minutes from Tokyo to Osaka which is about 515km. This train makes stops only at major towns and stations. With fewer stops, your travel worries are dealt with. 

A JR pass is not valid on Nozomi. However a 7-day Japan Rail Pass is about the same cost as one trip on Nozomi from Tokyo to Kyoto and back i assure u i will never take a Japan Rails Pass again. For my point Car, Flights and a returning back Nozomi is quite better even it cost a little fortune.

And i Love 7 Eleven!!! Believe me or not!!!