en-☆Hori Ichirō ☆ 志野 SOLD


Hori Ichiro

Born in the prefecture of Gifu in 1952 studied with Kozo Kato he's mainly known for the dynamisk of wood-fired cooking. The results are often refined despite the long cooking over low heat to bring out the intense reddish tone of the clay through dense and creamy glazes. In 1984 he built his anagama oven in the mountains of the city of Mizunami, where he experimented with traditional materials and techniques. Since 1997 his laboratory is in Okusa. His works are only cooked twice a year.

"Sometimes I consider myself a coward, I live like a hermit in a mountain village and I turn on my oven only twice a year, I often get lost in my thoughts, and it's not because I'm overly concerned with designing every piece, but rather , because I need more time to reflect and to allow every work to emerge naturally. When you make a pottery, look like a stone, like a plateau, if you were close to nature. When I look at my work, I feel something close to nature. There are lights and shadows, the burning oven When my works are cooked in the oven, Shino, Sasashino, Kisedo, Seto Kuro are all cooked at the same time. Since there are so many natural factors, it is difficult for all the elements to get along. As I live in the mountains, I am involved in many interesting things, such as field work and land work. I like reading books and listening to music if I have time.