Equipment for tea ceremony is called dōgu (道具; lit., "tools"), or more specifically chadōgu ..... Futaoki(蓋置, literally "lid rest[s]") are for resting the lid of the kettle on, and also for resting the water ladle (hishaku) on. They are made of bamboo, ...

黒楽茶碗 NAKAMURA Donen Born in Nagoya as the eldest son of Shoji in 1934. After graduating at the Aichi Prefectural Asahioka High School Art Division sculpture department, he studied focusing on Rakuyaki with his father as a teacher. In 1948, succeeded in the third generation, and made great efforts to make ceramics mainly from the Kosaka-style tea bowl that the previous generation wanted. Became third generation year 1973. The same year held his first solo exhibition in Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture, solo exhibition at the center and the subsequent local department store, father and son Exhibition. Premature death at the young age of 49-year-old.