en-Kenji Tabei Isekizai SOLD

Kenji Tabei Isekizai pottery Shino Ware Chawan Tea Bowl Mino Ash Wood Height 8.6 cm Mouth diameter 11.7 cm Body diameter cmBottom diameter 5.9 cm
Kenji Tabei Isekizai pottery Shino Ware Chawan Tea Bowl Mino Ash Wood Height 8.6 cm Mouth diameter 11.7 cm Body diameter cmBottom diameter 5.9 cm

 Born in Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture

Graduated from Waseda University

At Gifu Prefectural Pottery Experiment Station

1960 Pakistan Ceramics Teaching

Study Early Buddhism

Showa 42 "Souen"

Say the proof of the rawness of goods to pottery

1975 Moved to the back of Yoroyama

1982 Creates Yoroyaki Village

Collection 63 years Nago, Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture

1974 Tokyo "Ueno Matsuzakaya"

1976 West Germany "Ohenbach Museum"

1977 "Yurakucho Sogo" "Oita Broadcasting System" "Kankodo"

Ochenbach City "Beher ∩ Trifts Gallery"

1978 New Lunep City "Solco Gallery"

"Gifu Chamber of Commerce"

1954 "Yamato Shintsubo store" "Tatebayashi Cultural Center"

1980 "Kankodo"

1981 "Yamato Shintsubo Store" "Kinsho Kintetsu Department Store"

Nagoya 57 years Takasagoden, Nagoya station square store, Nagoya wall view

Takasagoden, Toyohashi store, ceramic wall

1983 Saitama Prefecture "Urawa Isetan store"

1984 "Kanazawa Yamato Main Store" "Western Utsunomiya Store"

1985 Saitama Prefecture "Urawa Isetan store"

1986 Osaka Kitahama "Mitsukoshi" "Yamato Shintsubo store"

Himeji "Yamatoyashiki"

1987 "Sogo Kobe store" "Daiwa Toyama store"

"Urawa Isetan store"

1988 Ishikawa Prefecture "Korinbo Yamato" "Tatebayashi Cultural Center"

Menu first year Tokyo "Odakyu Shinjuku store" "Daiwa Toyama store"

2nd year "Urawa Isetan store" "Daiwa Toyama store"

33rd year Ishikawa Prefecture "Korinbo Yamato" Gifu Prefecture "Yanagen"

4th year "Yamato Shintsubo store" "Yamato Takaoka store"

Additional 5 years "Okinawa Ryubo" "Western Utsunomiya store"

"Daiwa Toyama store"

Continued 6 years "Okinawa Ryubo" "Nagoya Ryubo"

Ishikawa Prefecture "Korinbo Yamato" "Kankodo"

7 years later "Okinawa Ryubo" "Hiroshima Sogo"

"Yamato Takaoka store"

Additional 8 years "Okinawa Ryubo" "Yamagata Matsuzakaya"

9 years "Okinawa Ryubo" "Seibu Ikebukuro"

Additional 10 years "Okinawa Ryubo"

11th year "Piga Harajuku Gallery" "Tatebayashi Sannomaru Art Hall"

13 years "Yoro Lifework Exhibition I" "Yanagen"

14th year "Piga Harajuku Gallery" "Yoromei Works Exhibition II"

Additional 15 years "Niigata Yamato" "Okinawa Ryubo" "Endowment Life Work Exhibition III"

16th year "Yoro Lifework Exhibition IV"

Display 17 years "Koganji Temple" "Yojo Life Exhibition V"

18th year "Koganji Temple" "Yojo Life Exhibition VI"

19th year "Koganji Temple"

"What the hell is this?" "What do you think?" That's right. I feel that it is a little different from the tea pot. The customer is constantly twisting his head while looking through the lid and digging inside. "It's a bonbonnière." "Well, then you put that candy, etc.? And it's a lot more." "No, Bone would also call it" bone "in English. , That, this is a "bonbonnière" that you can enter only by struggling yourself. "Uhe! There is a person who hurriedly pulls himself while looking into it. There are also people who just look like a gaa and get rid of themselves. However, as a single person, that's fine, and there is no one who wants to be included in it.

My husband liked it as a creator. Besides, the first person to come in was none other than my husband's mother. At the crematorium, it seems that it was the first time that such a handmade item was brought in, and there were occasions when it was rejected, but I tried my best to put a bag in such a ready-made item. The mother-in-law was housed in a light grass-colored jar and is now with her husband. When I was worried that there was no Buddhist altar like this, he said, "What's this? I'm most relieved to do this. I'm happy with the bag."

Sometimes I hold it and sit on the porch. Whether you love the jar or miss your mother-in-law, the color that seems to melt into the autumn grass finally makes Akikane fly and stop. Play on the shoulders.

A bright red thin butt rises tingly.

I received a photo from my mother. Holding a white wrap around her chest, she was standing in front of a grave, and she was smiling with a smile, with a slightly interesting atmosphere. A cemetery for literary figures was established in a place where Mt. Fuji can be seen well, and I knew that my mother was also qualified, so I applied for it. The author's name and his masterpiece are engraved on the tomb wall, and some bones are allowed. However, the urn is so poor that I have wanted my husband to make a nice one. The owner, who wants to open an urn exhibition someday, seems to have been somewhat rid of the poison, and he said, "You should make it".

By the way, as for me, my husband is very enthusiastic. Even though I didn't ask for it, I was enthusiastic about myself, saying, "I'll make it, I'll make it. I'll make a good national treasure!"

Apparently, I paid for myself early, and I want to see the cherry blossoms for the second time in the world with a young and fragile beautiful person.

It seems that autumn is not the only reason for being lonely.