en-Kyoto Arashiyama (Bamboo Forest)

Bamboo Forest, is one of tourist attraction in Kyoto. A cool ans shady forest called"Sagano Chiku-rin" nearby Arashiyama railway station and is a nice place to spend time walking through there. Arashiyama, whose meaning is "Mountain of the Storm" is a tourist area near the city of Kyoto and is located at the foot of Mount Arashi from which it takes its name. It is built around the Togetsukyō bridge, and to the north of the bridge is the imposing bamboo forest of Sagano.

This forest is one of Kyoto's most beautiful and tranquil places, and wandering among the bamboo stalks that stand majestically against the sky, caressed by the wind with a feeling of peace ... islike being in another world whose silence is palpable. Stretching out to the sky, bamboo trees grow up to 30m and the amount of time this small thing takes to make a sheltered forest is just in "Only 6 weeks" Each day, a bamboo tree can grow 1mt. Not so far from entrance you can see a Japanese artist who "paint" bamboo forest on his canvas. So beautiful. In fact, the impression we had is that he was not really painting. All the ways we may have passed into the circumstance where he was probably perfecting or finishing his work, but he did not seem to be painting something. For us his gestures almost wanted to be an elder alien to the forest. Later our guide who lives in Kyoto since 5 generation explained to us that he was asked to move, because of the passage scenery behind the forest, but he claims to stay and says he has the right to sit in that place claiming to be there just for the pleasure of painting. So we believe that this old man who loves paint sitting on a small stool is there all day just for a purely matter of principle.