en- ONI ASH "[ Firing adrenaline ] Noutomi Susumu"

納富晋 Shin Notomi Susumu Hagi Ash Tea Bowl  Height 9.2cm / Width 14.5cm / Depth 12.2cm
納富晋 Shin Notomi Susumu Hagi Ash Tea Bowl Height 9.2cm / Width 14.5cm / Depth 12.2cm

The bowl is the work of the Son of a famous Hagi potter called Notomi Choun (1921-1995) who started studying pottery in 1951 and founded a kiln called O-kazan-choun-gama in 1967. The kiln is now headed by one of his sons who inherited his father's name.This is Noutomi Susumi with his daughter Naoko he own an amazing reality in Hagi.At Choun-gama Kiln both are surrounded by nature about a less min drive from Hagi Station. Notomi Susumu is famous for bring to mind sea and the sky, with a deep blue and the variations in glazing. But as you know the Oni tradition put any potter in Hagi (over 500) to often use lighter colors like white, or something called Biwa-iro (loquat color)Notomi always been and nowadays continue to focuses on his deep blue color in many forms.This remarkable chawan is a classic Climbing Kiln Forged by Fire & Ash glaze which seems to have been polished by time. As obvious this is made with a Fire Wood and days and days without never stop.A fantastic kodai (foot) with subdued darker tones emanates a wonderful sense of harmony even such a powerful work.Nothing of my Chawan available have tea residues, usage, water or stain and this lovely work do not have any sign of "the seven lives of a Hagi" that over time will be available with the use. So its a nice chance to start drinking for the first time and with time will only become more sublime.
We only havwe 2 chawan signed and in perfect condition. It comes with a signed box