I have not been a lot around in this world enough, my knowledge is nothing compared to the vastness of this universe. But I can say that on the way I met people with great generosity who shared with me some of their knowledge.  Sometimes I have given help and been repaid in some circumstances thanks to the little help of passionate potters or movie lovers.. I remain speechless when I meet Westerners with their tails tied to pigtail who identify themselves as French Samurai who create schools of tea ceremonies (Chanoyu) believing they know everything when in reality they do not even know Japanese. Once, in one of my small requests I was in trouble with a tiny teaspoon and his auspicious inscription: the answer of a certain Adamu was: "We give help and information only to our paid students". Nothing to do with the elegance of Robert Yellin and his Yakimono Gallery that on a "Difficult" question of mine & how to distinguish Miwa Jusetsu and a fake replied pots he answered saying "it takes a life time to know and understand carefully to real Miwa Chawan , to handle, to understand his knowledge, wish one day to meet you in Kyoto and to talk with you an explain"


Steelbook are Metal Box . Born in Mexico by Scanavo Company, lately is a format "Hugely collectable and disgustingly massively designed by a Shit Company Called Zavvi. When you buy from them, if not a first press, you are Getting un-exclusive or un-limited foolishly edition Blu-Ray. When you buy Filmarena, Future Shop, Target, Fnac & few others is the only opportunity for any true film lover would be mad to miss out on.

"A Steelbook edition gives you something more than the standard Blu-ray experience: Uniqueness." Zavvi

With the difference that Zavvi has taken designers in terms to make ridiculous prints, so every time a film comes out, it is their fault if you go out again and again hunting for the first print or the best edition. They have inflated the market, and steelbook times worthy of note and excellent manufacturing have ended. Until you buy steelbooks reissued from them this madness Company will never end! Do not buy from Zavvi, or evenutally choose well, or eventualy look for the first print produced (also by zavvi, but compare with other press release outhere) in a serious manner and give value to collecting.

Manuel Jensa