en-Tsukigata Nahiko CHAWAN


Product size: Height 9cm / Width 13.3cm / Depth 14cm

A potter born in Niigata prefecture.
My father was a stone carver and my mother was a flower arrangement artist, so I grew up familiar with art from an early age.
Impressed by Toyozora Arakawa's work, Shino began his research on earthquakes.
The result was "Oni Shino," which is made by firing Shino for a long time.
People who saw the works made with that unique sensibility came to be called "flame potter", "flame potter", "Samon potter", "Oriental Picasso" and so on.
In addition to ceramic art, he also demonstrates his talent in painting, calligraphy, sculpture, and seal carving.
Born in 1923 in Niigata Prefecture
1941 student kick - off to become
awarded the 1952 Minister of Education Award
1970 demon Shino will be introduced to overseas
the moon Daisue Bow Museum of Art in 1974 Toki City, Gifu Prefecture
, founded
1985 International Received the Art and Culture Award
1989 Received the Paris Art Award at the Japanese Art Exhibition
1990 Participated in the Tokyo Art Expo as
a representative of Japan
Died August 16, 2006