en-us-重造 shino CHAWAN [Samurai] Gifu Ryoji Hayashi


Mr Ryoji Hayashi who is a famous potter lives in Toki-city in Gifu prefecture. A superb aka-shino chawan (red shino chawan) made by a master of the genre, Hayashi Ryoji (b. 1940) the third heir of the Shozan kiln. recognized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. It is one of the largest pottery production centers in Japan, and it accounts for about half the production of Japanese ceramics.
The texture of each piece is different depending on the conditions of the kiln and flame.
Great for entertaining and gift giving as this item is new and never been used

Will be boxed with cotton fabric and has been collected since the date of production.This item may suffer only about storage for years but never been used for drink tea

 Height 7.9 cm Mouth diameter 11.5 cm Body diameter cm