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The Miyagawa family line of ceramists began 330 years ago during the early part of Japan's Edo period (1603-1868). At that time, Kohei Masakazu Miyagawa came to Kyoto from the Miyagawa Village in the northern part of neighboring Shiga Prefecture, and began to work in pottery. Following the first Kohei, each successive generation until the late of the Edo Period was also given the same name Kohei, upon succession to head of family. Beginning in 1850s, the family had become a fully recognized ceramic operation and each subsequent member of the line has since been given the name Kosai. The current Miyagawa Kosai is the 6th generation Kosai, and the 11th generation in this line, dating back to the first Kohei, the family founder. During the past 330 years, the family has worked as ceramists producing tea ware for both the Way of Tea (for powdered green tea of the tea ceremony)

and for leaf tea (for sencha green tea) as well as such things as large works for international collectors, always endeavoring to keep pace with the progression of styles and taste over time. International recognition began with winning a gold medal in Paris at the Exposition Universelle of the year 1900, and has continued with the winning of numerous prizes at other world fairs. The family's work can be found in many permanent collections throughout the world, including in such institutions as the British Museum and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. If it our hope that the ceramic works of the Makuzu Miyagawa Kosai family, part of the Kyoto tradition of highly decorative, elegant and refined ceramics, can be experienced not only in Japan, but by a wide audience abroad.

Personal history of the current Miyagawa Kosai

1944 Born in Kyoto
1970 Graduated from Tokyo University of Art and Design, Faculty of Art, with a major in sculpture
1976 Began employment in the Makuzu pottery, joining the family business under his father, Kosai 5th.
2002 January Was designated the successor to the Kosai line, and given the name Kosai 6th.
2003 July Held a celebratory solo exhibition at the Mitsukoshi Department Store Nihonbashi Branch*, commemorating his succession to the Kosai line
November Held a celebratory solo exhibition at the Takashimaya Department Store Kyoto Branch,
commemorating his succession to the Kosai line
2007 Three works, including a tea bowl and cold water jar for the Way of Tea, were selected by the Japanese Foreign Ministry to be placed in the newly built Kyoto State Guest House**
2013 Lectured at the Suzukake Association at Paris Toraya
2014 Held 70th birthday celebratory exhibitions at the Okayama and Yokohama branches of the Takashimaya Department Store
2015 Held 70th birthday celebratory exhibition at the Nihonbashi branch of the Mitsukoshi Department Store
2016 Lectured and held tea ceremony at Japanese culture center in Paris
2019 Held 77th birthday celebratory exhibition at the Nihonbashi branch of the Mitsukoshi Department Store

Additionally, Kosai 6th has held numerous solo exhibitions around Japan and has lectured extensively

*Whereas department store art galleries are very high level exhibition venues in Japan, having a solo show at the Nihonbashi branch ofeither the Mitsukoshi or Takashimaya Department Store is regarded as a very high honor and a career defining event.
** Works of Art selected for the new State Guest House are considered representative of the highest level of Art and Craft created in Japan