Seiho Samukawa 1th Raku 15th XV Sen Sōshitsu XV (千宗室)

8 x 13
8 x 13

1899Born in Osaka Movedto Kyoto shortly before1919Studied under Mr. Sozan Sawada, Judge of Teiten1927Appointed Director of Aichi Prefectural Ceramics Research Institute on the recommendation of his teacher1932Built a kiln inOdawara 1956 The name of the kilnwas given to him by Yorisada Tokugawa, the former lord of the Kishu domain. 1956The Nachi black

glaze was completed . 1972 Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi main store solo exhibition Received Wakayama Prefectural Cultural Encouragement Award Designated as the first intangible cultural property in Shirahama Town 1973 Tokyo , Matsuyama and Osaka Mitsukoshi store solo exhibition Order of Merit

Today his son Mr. Samukawa is the second generation of Aoi Kiln, which was founded by his father, Yoshikazu. He mainly works on tea ceremony utensils, and at the end of each year he makes Eto incense cases to be used at New Year's tea ceremonies.