Souhuu Matsuo  

Souhuu Matsuo grew up in Arita, the original city of ceramics, and from his infancy studied under Sofu I. At the age of 20  he moved to Hagi and studied the art of Hagi ware. Three years later, he opened his kiln and pottery studio in Hagi, and began production of Hagi ware. He also engaged in artistic activities and submitted his works to the Nitten Exhibitions and Japan Contemporary Art Crafts Exhibitions. Since 2002, he started placing his works in the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition. His pieces include hakuji (white porcelain), seihakuji (pale blue porcelain), and iroe porcelain painted in overglaze enamels, which he mastered during his years in Arita, and at present he plays an active part as a full member of the Japan Kogei Association. 

At the Souhuu Kiln (Tokazan) he produces both porcelain and Hagi ware works. Taking advantage of the characteristics of Arita-yaki that have become familiar since childhood, while maintaining the essence of traditional Hagiyaki, he uses new techniques. While using the Higushi soil, he processing an elaborate Hagi-yaki for example well-cooked with fine clay of eyes to make it easy to use as crockery.

Yuuko Matsuo 松尾 優子 his  daughter is an emerging Hagi-yaki potter. After graduating, he studied pottery and magnetic techniques and painting at Arita, and received his father style teaching after her husband. It mainly produces painted works and continues to express a unique personality that is not trapped in the existing frame of traditional Haginaki crafts.