★ Genkuro kiln and Katho Takeshi Red Turtle Shino tea bowl Mine no Momiji (Maple tree in the valley)

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12.8 x 7.8 cm  Mine no Momiji (Maple tree in the valley) 

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The name Mine no momiji (Maple on Mountain Peaks) written on the bowls box is thought to have been brushed originally by tea master Kobori Gonjfir6 (1625-1694), Yama no Ha and Mine no Momiji ("Summit Maple Leaves" are widely known and considered a matchless masterpiece! We dare many previous examples of artists whose name is unknown, but it is almost useless to take the example of a ceramic whose author is unknown, therefore we report Kobori as an example as one of the first potters attributable to this design

Here Katho made a wondwerful work. Sublime beauty. MINE (no) MOMIJI (Summit Maple Leaves) the name itself gives a mobile sense of Japanese sensitivity. The decoration is complex but reluctant simplicity. It refers us to the good times of Momoyama, despite being 100% completely modern in its design. The honesty of the work is not questionable being the ceramist highly credited in the world of Shino.  You will excuse me for some nonsense, I try as much as possible to give a minimum of description based on my little knowledge, but I do it having the ceramic in my hands without taking a photo from any internet space.