★RAY★ Ichikawa Toru supreme Tea Bowl Cup MATCHA Student of Ryuichi Kakurezaki CHAWAN



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This Tea Bowl is part of a concept work called "Ray". This chawan is called Kagutsuchi (カ グ ツ チ) a Kami god of fire in Japanese mythology. He was the last son of Izanami and Izanagi, killed by his father because his birth had cost the life of the goddess Izanami. In fact, the god used his sword, the Ame no Ohabari (天 之 尾羽 張?), To decapitate him and cut his body into eight parts, which later became volcanoes; moreover, eight other deities were born from the blood poured from the sword, including Watatsumi, god of the sea, and Kuraokami, goddess of rain and snow.  

Kagutsuchi (カグツチ meaning "incarnation of fire") is then Japanese Shinto god of fire. As a fire god in an era of paper houses, it was important to appease him, and as such he was also seen as a protector of these homes from flame. Also known as Kagutsuchi no Kami (迦具土の神), Hi no Kagutsuchi (火之迦具土), Hi-no-kami, as well as Homusubi or Ho-masubi (火産霊 meaning "causer of fire").

In Mythology

Considered to be a deity either made of flame or perpetually expelling fire, even as an infant this created a large issue. When Kagutsuchi was born, his mother Izanami was so badly burned that she died. In revenge, Kagutsuchi's father Izanagi cut off his head, then sliced his body into eight pieces, which became eight volcanoes. The blood dripping from Izanagi's totsuka sword created several more gods, including Watatsumi and Kuraokami, water gods.

A shrine was built for him on Mt. Atago near Kyoto, where it is said he made his home.