MIWA Jusetsu ★Chawan ★ Inscription SEN Genshitsu (Soshitsu XV) 十五代目千宗室


 MIWA Jusetsu 重要無形文化財萩焼保持者★B6171★ 10.5 x 14 SEN Genshitsu (Soshitsu XV) 十五代目千宗室

2.200,00 €

Special inscription by SEN SOSHITSU XV 十五代目千宗室

Miwa used frequently to go by the sea. He loved to go cycling often near it, and he often talked about the fact that he loved the water breaking on the rocks. It seems from some possible statements and interviews, that he tried a whole life to describe that moment in his cups. It is also said that he often declared: "How can I in such a short space describe that moment?" I can not say if it has been done, but in many works I have often thought that there were some similarities with water on the rocks or eventually some fish or the white glaze as something more that just a cup.
Who knows if the emptiness of one of his chawan can be a portal for another dimension...?Miwa was aware that with the hectic life of every day, i mean the speed with which progress makes our life frenetic, we can not sometimes stop for a moment and consider the everyday use of all the objects . I am for to use the objects and not put them on display, all the way Miwa always been respectful of this feeling and he considered sufficient if we just have a minute of time to hold one of his works in hand even only for reflection. "If this is so, my work will not have been made in vain " ... and I believe that the humility that has always distinguished it is the reason for such greatness.