[Genya Sonobe] KOETSU mount fuji Auspicious Clouds chawan kyo bowl kaga CUP (京焼)

8.7 x 11,8cm Co-box / paper outer box / self-fabric / bookmark
[Genya Sonobe]
Born in Hokkaido in 1951 . After dropping out of the Department of Mathematics at Tokyo University of Science in 1974, he practiced Raku ware in Nagoya.
Independent in Yunone-cho, Seto City in 1983, instructor of ceramic art at Tokyo Designer Gakuin College.
After being selected for the 2nd Mino International Ceramic Art Exhibition in 1989, he will hold solo exhibitions in various places.
1990 Nissan Gallery Ceramic wall production. He is also active internationally, such as opening a Raku ware workshop in Portugal.

700.00 €