2 Tsuboya Ware SHISA STATUE Okinawa MADE IN RYUKYU Talisman Lucky Charm ARA YAKI

Height 24.8 cm Caliber cm Body diameter 19.8 cm Bottom diameter cm 

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Shisa from Okinawa. 

A Talisman made byTwo-figure figurine Lion. An amulet Komainu lucky charm for Interior. A classic guardian deity. For the art of Feng shui which literally means "wind and water". The wind is the sky, the air that carries the clouds swollen with rain. Feng shui seeks harmony in the environment according to the principles of the Eastern philosophy of energy balance.

Authentic Shisa (シーサー, Shīsā, Okinawan: shiisaa) is a traditional Ryukyuan cultural artifact and decoration derived from Chinese guardian lions,
Height 24.6 cm and Body diameter 18.8 cm
This is a work made with a popular Clay from Okinawa Prefecture,a land blessed with clay, and high quality clay layers can be seen in various places such as Kogaji, Kise, Anzou, Ishikawa, Yamada, Kina, Maekanehisa and Shimajiri. The strength and warmth of Tsuboya ware is brought to bear by the characteristics of these soils.
Tsuboya ware is roughly divided into Kamiyaki and Ara-yaki. These 2 Fu Lion are Ara-Yaki made by applying a meal and baking at a high temperature of about 1200 degrees. Ara-yaki, also called Nanban-yaki, is baked at around 1000 degrees without glaze. The characteristic of Tsuboya ware lies in its simplicity and strength.
The thick and heavy vessel is transparent to those who see the warmth and personality and who use it.
This strength and warmth is produced by the techniques cultivated over a long tradition and the soil and fire.
Luckily, Okinawa, along with much of the rest of the Far East of Asia, offers just the right mix...of both. Shisa (シーサー Shīsā,), or "lion-dogs," are perhaps the ubiquitous, most visually recognizable and culturally distinct artifact of the Okinawan culture. These effigies, large and small and stylized in any number of ways, can be found standing guard on most tiled rooftops, flanking the gates to homes, or gracing the entrances to businesses and shops all over Okinawa, all to help ward off evil.
in Okinawa are famous images when American soldiers take cover behind a shīsā in Tomori, during the final days of the Battle of Okinawa, June 1945
devastating. Okinawa is placed in historical context, beginning with Matthew Perry's arrival there in the mid-19th century. 

Okinawa have many craftsman and kiln places to share this beauty.

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