SETO Chawan Matcha 加 門 Yamoen Kato Mino\Iga chawan BOWL CUP ASH JAPAN MATCHA

[Yaemon Kato] Born in Gifu prefecture. Juemon Kato as a teacher. Shino ware potter, the third son of Juemon Kato, and his older brothers Yoshiemon Kato and Koemon Kato. He mainly produces tea pottery such as Kiseto and Oribe.
▼ Product size Height 8.4 cm / Width 11.5 cm
Yaemon Kato Yaemon born as third san of Juuemon Kato in 1942. Yaemon have Houuemon and Kouuemon in my elder brother. After Otari chinaware research center learns, Yaemon study under Mr. Juuemon Kato of my father. Kiseto ware, setoguro, Shino and Oribe open Ogaya kiln in a neighboring land of old kiln Yashichi Den in a place by Ogaya baked much in the Momoyama period.
[Yaemon KATO] (1942-)A Japanese potter. Born in Sasahara, Gifu (present Tajimi City).He was the third son of Juemon Kato (a famous Japanese potter). After he learned pottery at Kotani Institute of ceramic ware, he learned under his father.He returned Yasaka-gama pottery studio after his father's death then he opened his oun studio, "Ogaya-kama". Based on traditional method, he mainly made Japanese Tea utensils, table wares for Kaiseki cuisine and flower vases/bowls.  

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