ANDO HIDETAKE Chawan Shino paint brush jewel tea bowl Rare potter treasure Cup

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 Height 9.4 cm / Width 13.0 cm
Hidetake Ando announces a series of innovative works that revive Momoyama pottery to the present day based on his own study and outstanding skill, and reflect a new appearance there.
Shino tea bowl with a dignified presence with a beautiful finish with a pinkish color. 
that the product is a work of Hidetake Ando  

Holder of an important intangible cultural property in Gifu Prefecture. Received the Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition Governor's Award and Encouragement Award. Solo exhibition (Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya, Sogo, Matsuzakaya). 1990 Received the 8th Koubei Award. 2003 Certified as a holder of important intangible cultural properties in Gifu Prefecture by the technique of Kiseto

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