Black Hole (鬼) ONI-SHINO Tsukigata Nahiko ★HERITAGE★ DEMON★OGRE★ ARROW★

Tsukigata Nahiko genuine guarantee work Devil Shino cup Asian Picasso IGA (鬼) Large 直径15.2cm high 高さ9.4cm 

4,700.00 €

The "Gateway to the transcendent" as " harmonizing nature"

obviously has a limited audience.

After being exhibited in Berlin, after traveling tens of thousands of miles it is again available. Today we talk about the black hole, a celestial body with a gravitational field so intense that it does not escape, a space-time region with a sufficiently large curvature that nothing inside can go out, not even light. something in our imagination that dominates any other force, which tends to concentrate space-time, the event horizon, perhaps our destination. the Infinity.

Tsukigata Nahiko



Genuine Guarantee Work Devil Shino Cup

By the Asian Picasso

large 直径15.2cm high 高さ9.4cm

BLACK glaze applied to the Cup has become a stunning finish.

A pottery-making with an immense creative spirit of the great masters of the Mino Ware Nahiko!Mino ceramic art demon Shino, demon Iga oni bowl!!!The maverick of contemporary ceramics leader!This work is the most famous work named "demon" Iga ! old Exciting bowl-shaped, up excellent long fire is no exaggeration to say that this work combines a mix between a supreme gem with high class charm.Supreme warmth in hand!Momoyama way of thinking this is the proof of ancient pottery that push forward Nahiko far and beyond.Nahiko Mark hanko Chop "month" on a hill side. We guaranteed authentic.

This Chawan is a Oni Black Shino, an unique style of pottery raw style that represent a demon ogre. Fired at extreme temperatures for days the iron and clay fuse with the molten ash of the kiln to produce his unique primordial ceramic surface style. This piece displays a sublime black reddish glaze showing through and along areas far and beyond ,inside and outer rim a supreme result. A cup with a memorable personality.

"Like many of the greats, Nahiko as a multi-talented artist he accomplished in the pursuit of calligraphy, oil painting, sculpting, and his greatest love, the Shakuhachi. Unfortunately, his artistic pursuits were cut short during the war when he was drafted into the army to fight in WWII. After being released from service, he spent a number of years traveling the countryside playing the Shakuhachi and for a time practicing as a reclusive Zen priest at Myoanji temple.

Finally, his creative spirit was rekindled by the fire of the potter's kiln and this became his life's calling. 

Our Gallery offers residency and opportunities with options for kiln and workspace rentals to studios, working area and exhibits. 90% here are made available to tell and spread a world for many that is foreign to them. If you are here you are lucky, because this work of Tsukigata is available again. Good luck