Buddhist art era Tibet fine wood carving Votive Buddhist Plaque (kakebotoke) antique 玩

★ Product Details ★ ■ Dimensions: height 27㎝ width 18cm depth of about 2Cm ■ state: very good (few minimal scratches) please judge with a photograph since there may be enough quality. Value item. 

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Votive Buddhist Plaque (kakebotoke) 懸仏

Kakebotoke, literally, "hanging Buddhas," are usually fashioned from a peace of wood carved. When round in metal, bronze or copper they derive from ritual bronze mirrors, and the term also refers to the similarly adorned large mirrors hung in Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines . This is an amazing image of a Buddhist or Shinto deity. When metal are hammered from the rear, but in that case this entire peace of wood have an extreme carving.