Chawan True work Kaneta Masanao Hagi bowl IDO STYLE

Kaneta Masanao Hagi bowl IDO STYLE Genuine guarantee RARE

Kaneta Masanao Hagi bowl IDO STYLE Genuine guarantee RARE Product Size: Height 9.0cm / width 15.0cm / depth 15.0cm
This work is a work of very famous ceramist 8 th Ten-Cho-Zan-GAMA kiln Masanao Kaneta of Hagi ware. Masanao Kaneta who continues the original work using "Hollowed-technique" in Hagi ware. "KURINUKI" is a technique which strikes and hardens a clayey lump with a board, digs the clay, and molds works. He has the career of having studied carving and clay sculpture in school days. The exciting form which makes the ridgeline of a mountain consider serves as the maximum charm of Mr. Kaneta's works. YHOHEN (deformation during firing) and glaze with a beautiful lavender color, and its peculiar form are very beautiful, and works match. He is a ceramist who represents the present age ceramic art community which reclaims a new fresh ground with the place where historied tea ceremony pottery Hagi ware was produced. This work bottom is engraved with Mr. Kaneta's scratch signature. The paulownia-wood storage box in which a ceramist's autograph signature was written, the sealed cloth, and the guide in which Mr. Kaneta's history was written are attached to this work. This storage box is also the highly complete handicraft made by the special storage box craftsman. This work is a very good condition also without a crack and a chip in a new article. Kaneda had a strong evolution into pottery, this tea Bowl IDO its a strong hagi Tradition in a palm of a hand.

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