Munehiko Maruta 丸田宗彦Vase Flower Karatsu Korea Ware Japan


new condition this vase never saw water or flowers! true work guarantee master craftsman Maruta Japanese "Korea Style" Karatsu vase large !!!

  • Product ... true work guarantee Munehiko Maruta
  • size ... High: about 24cm Width: about 23.5cm back: about 17Cm

Born in 1961 in Takeo city located south to Karatsu city in Saga prefecture. (It takes 50 minutes by car.) His father Mr. Masami Maruta was one of the most popular ceramist who made Mingei pottery at Kuromuta area in Saga. Munehiko Maruta has also learned Mingei pottery at an atelier of Mr. Atsuya Hamada, the third son of Mr. Shoji Hamada in Mashiko. After four years of discipleship, he returned to Karatsu and made potteries in authentic Karatsu style.  

600,00 €