Delicious Isshu Tamura Kaga-Maki-E lacquerSumiyoshi jujube tea NATSUME GOLD


Delicious Kaga Kaga-Maki-E lacquer Isshu Tamura Sumiyoshi jujube tea NATSUME GOLD height 7.3cm / width 7.2Cm※ maximum width

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Elegant gold Laquer, beautiful landscape is very wonderful work of Sumiyoshi that appeared to leverage the higher techniques. Was painted with a well-honed spirit, exquisite craftsmanship and exquisite light and shade, glowing expressive power of the writer is conspicuously, is jujube of a masterpiece.
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[Isshu Tamura ]
Minister of International Trade and Industry certified traditional craftsmen. 1975 studied under two years primary Ikko Kiyose nurses. Kanazawa lacquerware commercial union director. Kanazawa lacquer Board member. ★ product is that it is a work of Tamura Ichifune


▼ Product Size height 7.3cm / width 7.2Cm※ maximum width. Since there are errors in some size, please understand.

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Born in 1957, Isshu Tamura received training in the traditional Kaga-painted gold paint process under the door of the master craftsman Ikko Kiyose. After skillfully honing his skills, Mr. Tamura created unparalleled original artwork. He not only applied his own Kaga painting process to the lacquer ware, but also applied it to luxury pens and watches. His works were exquisitely crafted, exquisite and beautiful, and won the praise of people all over the world.

Mr. Tamura, gave me a demonstration and a class of Makie at his shop. May you know, of course it takes at least three to four months to make a piecelike that very detailed and very persevering work of using lacquer to coat many layers. It was The origin of "Taki-e" is a traditional craft that works as a piece of work, repeating the process of painting lacquer, coating it with gold powder instead of glue, waiting for some dryness and polishing it over and over again. Mr. Tamura says that one of the current issues in the painting is the expression of color. In particular, even if you try to break up the lapis and express it with blue in order to put out the blue, it seems to be the fact that it becomes the finish of almost black color contrary to the intention.

Leading Japanese artist and artist who is highly regarded throughout the world. From a collaboration between Swiss Bovety and Kaga Takie, known for their beautiful watches that were sculpted at the Basel International Watch Fair in Switzerland in 2002.

He created the "Fushin Raijin Model" to be exhibited in a new work presentation held in Geneva in 2003, and his refined intimate beauty and dynamic design attracted attention and was widely used in many magazines. It is related.

She has learned the art of Kaga-Takae, and has been involved in Kaga-Takae for over 30 years. Among other things, it has created a unique fine-grained technique "Fine painting technique" unique in the world.