【Hayashi Koya】BOWL IDO CHAWAN★ a Saka Saemon Student

【Hayashi Koya】HK2340★ a Saka Saemon Student Hashimoto inscription 心花 Fiore cuore Kokorohana Unused beauty products, is intact Diameter 14,1 cm × height 8,6 cm

500.00 €

Hagi ware glazes (1): Biwa (loquat) glaze

Also called dobai ("earth ash") or mokubai ("wood ash") glaze, this glaze allows the beautiful earthy clay color underneath to come through. It is created by turning the ashes of various types of wood (pine, sawtooth oak, oak, Isu wood, etc.) into a solvent. Upon firing with oxidizing flames, the glaze and the clay both become a bright, pale yellow. Chawan (tea bowl) have been popular for four hundred years and looking at right bowl, it is easy to understand why: the subdued colors with soft nuances of pink and peach over a red clay soothe the mind and bring it in harmony with the quieted ambiance of the tea rooms. Then, the sensual touch of the silky glaze further awakens and lifts the spirit up to a superior level of awareness. The chawan is a vessel to a higher realm. This particular one was made by a Hagi potter named Hayashi Koyo. The chawan is signed, in perfect condition and comes in a signed box. Daitoku-Ji temple. Rare Jewel Ido Style hagi Chawan By Hayashi Koyo. His teacher Koraizaemon 11 gen saka saemon. Clan Tokugawa Era Direct Origin Generation & Dinasty. This chawan has a great ido influenced form and a wonderful hagi "landscape" with various tones of blush and spotting.

【Hayashi Koya】 Forno Matsu Keiseyama Misumi-cho Hirano
Nato nel settembre 1976 laureato nel 2002
questa chawan (la ciotola del tè) è popolare da quattrocento anni e guardandola è facile capire perché: i colori tenui con sfumature delicate di rosa e pesca e accenni di bianco su un'argilla rossa leniscono la mente eportano in armonia con l'ambiente silenzioso delle sale da tè, poi il tocco sensuale della glassa setosa si risveglia ulteriormente e solleva lo spirito fino ad un livello superiore di consapevolezza. è noto che le chawan sono un portale verso un regno superiore. Ido Style hagi Chawan By Hayashi Koyo il cui teacher Koraizaemon 11 gen saka saemon di undicesima generazione diretta discendenza clan tokugawa
Large Ido style Hagi chawan with original signed box by Hayashi Koyo. This chawan has a great ido influenced form and a wonderful hagi "landscape" with various tones of blush and spotting.
Hayashi koyo work "Hagi well bowl inscription Kokorohana" allievo di Saka eleven generations slope Korea Saemon monaco del Daitokuji school Yagyu Hotokuji Hashimoto 紹尚 nurses Kaketo Oda Yukimado Fujii 誡堂 Haimei