Ken Mihara 炻器 bowl tea 共箱 with a signed box) ¥150,000 税抜

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size width 12.9cm height 9.8cm intact new

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I added professional images and also iphone, as i found really hard to capture his essence and for me its better to let u see low quality images. i don't think that professional images give the real point of view.

This bowl have great granular qualities of the clay. is enclosed in the original signed wooden box. The entire work is in soft colors, with a light brown and some light grey with a very powerful sense of harmony. The form evoke ancient neolithic ravines and rock surfaces..
Condition, new

There are various types of ceramics in Shimane Prefecture, and many ceramic artists are active.

Although the style is varied, there are also some artists who challenge cosmopolitan and avant-garde works, regardless of regional colors. One of these is Mr. Mihara Ken, who works for production in a laboratory near the city of Matsue. Mr. Mihara's work is a technique called seizure that does not use enamel (voyeur)

It is characterized by the combination of the soil plot and the modern sense of shaping. The working group called stoneware is a sharp shape, A whitish kiln change (as yon) creates an accent on a blue-gray background like a bronze object. Mr. Mihara met ceramics in the activity of the university club,

"I was fascinated by the pleasure I could do from start to finish alone,

Without waiting for his degree, he studied with Mr. Fumiki Funaki (Mr. Kenji Funaki) of Futonomiyaki (City of Matsue, city of Yotsui). Two years later, independently, he opened a laboratory in Ichumo-shi Sada Town in his hometown, Later, we transferred the laboratory to Matsue City Shinjido cho.

Mr. Mihara works intensively at the workshop in the workshop all day.

Born in 1958 Shimane Prefecture. Funaki Kenji teacher Among the rich culture of Izumo, Mr. Ken Mihara have his unique primitive feel and sublime ancient breath in true Modern form, Hi unique tecnique called Dohada, which is twice baked using a special technique and show a unique form reminiscent of Sue ware, appearance in all his integrity, is truly attractive.  With soil used, Ken Mihara of炻器bowl made a rare gem that does not appear on the medium 's Yahoo! Auctions.  Further, the present work is as good as new. Do not miss this opportunity. 

Ken Mihara use a multi- fired stoneware vessel with an "organic creative process" . Mihara  he's very sophisticated, elegant and his hand works have a combination of solidity and delicate elegance.
I mean the results..
It's very hard to judge his work. In that case I found very difficult to shoot and make images because it depends of the light. Shapes and warm of clay tones may vary if the background is black or white.
Is a very raw Neolithic cup.
His style is called Sekki, a term used probably during Meiji and means long high fired unglazed with a kind of clay with many many iron content.
I am not sure but my readings is about a first fire of 12 hours low temperature and than another of 40 hours.These kind of way to make pottery it create a peel like it can happen with an boiling egg, because he cover his works with , so the ash do not accure any changing, but it create an amazing durability in terms of resistance and also an old view.