Eiichi Shibuya CHWAN HAGI WARE "The title of the chawan is Jicon.(而今)"

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"The title of the chawan is Jicon.(而今)"
Eiichi Shibuya

Jikon (じこん) here have many means like Life After Death, in the future, from now on, henceforth, hereafter Kanji 自今 - 爾今 - 而今 Kana じこん


Jikon (じこん) temporal instances built a continual sequence with "our time"and there is thus no isolated state of being. Time in this image has a spatial aspect and take the phrase to point to the "immediate present "here",

Even used during funerals in that case means: Nowadays, Now, Taking a look to this Authentic Japanese Calligraphy done by Hakutou. The word is 'Jikon' which means 'Living In The Now'. It is a zen word which originally came from Cofucious's teaching. Great for Asian theme  

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