Eiichi Shibuya Hagi Ware Odaibagama Chawan HAGI Tea bowl (JIKON)


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"The title of the chawan is Jicon.(而今)"
Eiichi Shibuya

Jikon (じこん) here have many means like Life After Death, in the future, from now on, henceforth, hereafter Kanji 自今 - 爾今 - 而今 Kana じこん


Jikon (じこん) temporal instances built a continual sequence with "our time"and there is thus no isolated state of being. Time in this image has a spatial aspect and take the phrase to point to the "immediate present "here",

Even used during funerals in that case means: Nowadays, Now, Taking a look to this Authentic Japanese Calligraphy done by Hakutou. The word is 'Jikon' which means 'Living In The Now'. It is a zen word which originally came from Cofucious's teaching. Great for Asian theme 

Traditional ceramics of Japan never ends. During one of my recent trip i've been at ODAIBA GAMA-Kiln . Lucky enough i met the young Eiichi Shibuya. Since i have passion for his grandfather Deishi, it was a surprise to see a positive turning point of Hagi. The Grandson of Shibuya Deishi show wonderful ceramics creativity & depth. One of my favorite artists, certainly the best among young people. You can remain clinging to a strong tradition, but potters are leaving this planet sometimes & it is therefore important always a continuation & it is fundamental to give importance & the right relevance to new generations. Eiichi has done an incredible job capturing the true essence of Hagi's past. With his right cynicism has embarked on an incredible path that will mark the fate of Hagi tradition for years to come. Born in 1979 in Hagi City

2018: Gained Grand prix of 5th Toubiten
Received the Distinguished Service for Culture Award from Yamaguchi Prefecture. Selected for the 65th Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition