[Fukumoto Tsumoru Sekio] handwritten "Ensō" 「円相」 axis equipment Tea utensils 福本積應 自筆書

Amazing vibrant brush stroke. The continuous movement of the circle, with no beginning or end and no catching on the corner, represents a mind that Buddhism teaches, a heart that is free from obsession. 

Overall: 171.5 cm in height/31 cm in width This paper: 101.6 cm in height/28.9 cm Even age with small stains have a deep great view

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[Fukumoto Tsumoru Sekio] 
Born in Kyoto Prefecture in 1952. In 1983, he was appointed as a resident priest of the Daitokuji school, Horinji temple. In 1959, he was appointed as the chief priest of the Daitokuji school. In 2004, he transferred Horinji to his successor. I ordered the priest of Shochu-ji again