Furutani Kazuya Michio Big Yunomi Shigaraki Ware Cup Ash wood Glaze

Shigaraki Big yunomi by Furutani Kazuya Furutani Kazuya (b.1976) creates Shigaraki chawan in many forms, The contrast of jewel-like natural ash-glaze and Furutani's crisp 'hi-iro' fire color is very engaging, signed on base. Also shown is a Tenmoku chawan by Kazuya's brother Noriyuki, also in perfect condition with a signed box(径11cm~9.8cm) 高さ9.3cm

Kazuya Furutani (b. 1976) is the son of Michio Furutani (1946-2000), one of the most respected Shigaraki potters, widely regarded as one of the finest proponents of the anagama, or wood-burning tunnel kiln. Kazuya has taken over where his father left off and is now enjoying huge success in Japan, with his yearly Tokyo exhibitions greatly anticipated and always sold out.

400.00 €