Japanese Incense Temple Enryakuji 62gr x 135mm "Eiya incense"

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The incense of Enryakuji (延暦寺) 62gr x 135mm 40€ free shipping "Eiya incense".

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Calm evil spirits with a powerful purification power, remove evil , protection and merit of ancestors It is characterized by a very sweet fragrant scent, a sandalwood stick used in Hiezan Enryakuji. Based on a special formula taught by ancient esoteric Buddhism It is said to contain honey, "Increment" and "Effect" and mysterious power are included in the incense.

1. Eliminate grievance and bad things.

2. It makes you forget annoying things.

3. You can get a ruthless as an amazing tool.

4. It will be a rich feeling and you will get results.

5. Will heal mental and physical damage.

6. You can get protection from the Buddha, the Buddha of the world of pregnancy.

7. You can be happy everywhere.