☆ Rare ☆ Special work ★RYO INOUE Nagoya Karatsu / Korean Ware Chawan Awesome Solitary Hermit Potter Japan Tea Bowl

8.6x 14 cm  It's a mysterious and beautiful shade looks


250.00 €
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Ryo Inoue born 1947 is located at 89-3 Magarikawa, Hizennachi, Karatsu-shi Access: 20 minutes' drive from JR Karatsu Station

Seeking something unpredictable Having dextrous hands from a young age, making things was a natural conclusion. "Everyone has an opinion, but I work as I like, without constraints.", says Inoue san about seeking freedom in his pursuit of Karatsu ware. The kiln is a four chambered noborigama. For Inoue san, this kiln is a valued family member, and the tool with which he can express his freedom, producing an endless range of unpredictable surfaces and colors. Old Karatsu ware is an ideal. It is impossible to reproduce exactly, but he pursues the ideal every day, in an effort to bring his work closer. Karatsu ware, imperfect, holds a real mystery and charm. Inoue san hopes his work will become part of his customer's lives. With intensity, he faces his work again today.