Katsuyoshi Kotoge 小峠葛芳 Tanzan kiln karatsu tea bowl


9,2cm x 12 karatsu 

450,00 €


小峠葛芳(ことげ かつよし、1946年(昭和21)~(現在))兵庫県姫路市出身。叔父に当たる5代宮川香斎及び益子の人間国宝島岡達三に師事。1974年、京都宇治炭山に丹山窯を築き独立。以後、日本工芸会近畿支部展、京都府工芸美術展、日本伝統工芸展などを中心に入選を重ねる。81年に日本工芸会正会員に推挙。そのほか大阪、京都、東京などで個展を開催。三嶋手や伊賀写しをもっとも得意とするが赤絵、祥瑞、染付、仁清写など幅広く手掛け茶陶全般に秀作を残す。陶印は「葛芳造」など「丹山」 「丹山窯」 丸印「丹山」 「丹」 「丹山窯」 など

He studied under the fifth generation Miyagawa Kosai, his uncle, who represents the Finest Kyo-yaki has to Offer as The MAKUZU KOSAI MIYAGAWA pottery has a history of about 330 years with the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1900. Many museums exhibit it, in particular the Guimet museum, and a number of collectors are also interested in France. Katsuyoshi Kotoge after this training founded the Tanzan kiln on the Kyoto Uji coal mine around 1974 and became independent, and has since been elected many time as best potter and In addition, he often holds personal exhibitions in Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, etc. his best works are karatsu and Iga.