Furo-kama Called "Take"-kama Made By Masamitsu Kikuchi Yosuke: Japan iron Kettle Pot Stove Certified Nippon Kyoji engineer

Unused Kamashi Masamitsu Kikuchi Kogama with a True Bamboo Crest Kama Box Tea Pot Tea Tool ( Furnace Pot)
Size: Approx. Height 15cm, Width
18.5cm, Depth 18cm Weight: 1798g
Accessories: Box  

700.00 €

This is a work of an Old Japanese Era, a production of Kamaju. You must have a passion for a Japanese "Waraku" aesthetic and you must be a lover of the Japanese tea ceremony "Wa, Kei, Sei, Jaku". (Note: wa ji [chà jì] (wabi sabi)). If you do not agree and if u  cannot understand, even if you have a Tea Training but not Japanese aesthetic conscience (An Humble approach, 谦逊, Yasunoyuki: This name combines 泰 (tai, yasu) meaning "calm, easy, peace, peaceful" 康 (kou, yasu) meaning "ease, peace", 靖)   Please Leave this article to those who really understand it.  This item has been selected by Manuel Jensa as 1 of the 5 senses Tools of ONIHAGI, we ask to agree our terms: 

"With an old iron pot we return to our essence, with boiled water, supporting simplicity, low tone, no suspicion of favoring the crowd, we will store in a quiet position"

This is a Traditional shaped Ro-kama called "Take 竹"-kama Ura-senke Senso built by Mr Masamitsu Kikichi who is a famous Kama artist liives in Yamagata which is one of largest iron production center.
Age : Made 20 years ago Brand new Never used. (box have stain for storage that justify long term storage even IRON never touched the FIRE) Condition : A wooden box with a signature of the artist is provided 

Kamama Kikuchi Masamitsu  born in 1937, an outstanding Japanese modern metal casting craftsman "Human National Treasure" Takanori Takahashi, Kotodai Nihongata Yamagata, he reached the best level as 1 master in the world of material iron science. In 1982, Masamitsu Kikuchi was certified by Nippon Kyoji, as a professional engineer for the Japanese Navy.  His works as a technician in Yamagata, Japan, always been strictly traditional and are considered a statement & an establishment of the tea ceremony world.

Member of Japan Society of Industrial Engineers, since 1991 is part of Yamaju Tokugata City Skills Service, 1993 Saito Asahi Shimbun Shrine and for more than 40 years, it has been at the production line for the research of submarine training and always been on frontline business Yamagata area since ​​the beginning of his life.

On demand & Special Request only, Electric Furnace Stove 1000W 220-240V with an addiction according to the final costumer.

On demand, previous order, we have available designs as Cranes, Clouds, Flowers & Dragon who upon clouds move with Fire & wind.