Kimura Kouji Koro Censer Box Mount Fuji Hagi Ware

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6 x 4.5 cm censer koro container, Pottert of Hagi Ware. Masuda City.

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This lovely Koro was made by a potter named Kimura Koji. The silky creamy veil over brown tones create a soothing aura and invite the touch. Kimura Koji was born in 1931 in Shimane prefecture, on the Sea of Japan, not far from Hagi, where he arrived, in 1967, after having studied other pottery traditions. The Tsuwano and Masuda area is in the west of rural Shimane Prefecture on the Sea of Japan coast. Served by the coastal San-in Railway Line that runs from a side to another of the land. He established there his first kiln around 1971 and as craftsman has exposed several times  in Tokyo, Osaka and Kobe. There is a signature at the bottom of work. There is a wooden box (tomobako) have a cloth (tomokire). It is a porcelain (pottery) and as usual It was made in Japan.