KYUSU Autumn Leaves Seiho Tsuzuki BLACK TEA POT Tokoname

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Dimensions: Height approx. 9 cm Width approx. 12 cm Diameter approx. 5 cm  

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A traditional Tokoname-yaki handmade Kyusu. For a long time among Japanese tea lovers It is said that Tokoname ware Kyusu is the best way to drink Japanese tea. His Kyusu has various colors such as baking, red mud, and black mud, and a unique and beautiful shape. It is gaining popularity not only in Japan but also overseas. ~ Rounder and slightly glossy ~ Regular member of Japan Kogei Association Born in Tokoname City in 1944 

- Japanese Traditional Craftsman (Master of kyusu craftsman)
- Born 1944 in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture
- 1964 own workshop established
- "Traditional meritorious craftsman" Award from the prefectural governor
- and got also many other awardsSEIHO's teaware has elegant design and the nice atmosphere that does not feel hardness.
Normally, in Tokoname ware, painting is done by specialized craftsmen, but SEIHO does the painting himself.
His works is popular worldwide, not only in Japan.
He is a one of pioneer as a instructing the production of Tokoname ware in China.
His son "YUTAKA" is also a fine craftsman in Tokoname, and holds an exhibition with father and son.

- Tokoname ware (Aichi Prefecutre)
- Autumn Leaves
- Pottery / Ceramic
- Sasame ceramic fine mesh