Mission to Mars KATO Yoshihiko SHINO Student of Nahiko Tsukigata Cup


1.5 x 9cm

1946 Born in Mino, Gifu
   Did research on old kilns such as Kyoto, Karatsu and other. 
   Studied under TSUKIGATA Nahiko
1974 Become independent and build a half grounded Anagama kiln. 

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Most of his chawan have a rounded or cylindrical (tsutsu-gata) form and an air of quiet dignity. Their organic forms are not pretentious or proud. It's their simple nobility and honesty that draws the viewer in. A good chawan seems to "ask" to be used, and all of Yoshida's works do. The delicate pastel colors and the inviting lips of his chawan beg to be held in almost a sensual way.