Mother of pearl Tea tray Old 唐木細工 Karaki Hand Craft Table Rosewood Origin China

唐木細工 Karaki Hand Craft Table Rosewood (Origin China) Material: shell schrenckii mother-of pearl From the Qing Dynasty period 清朝 時 also known as the Manchu dynasty founded by the Manciù clan of Aisin Gioro, in Manchuria, then expanded into China proper and in the surrounding territories of inner Asia, thus constituting the Great Qing Empire. Declared later as Jin Dynasty in 1616, it changed its name in 1636 into "Qing" and conquered Beijing in 1644, unifying China during the next forty years, ruling it until 1912. The name "Jin" is not to be confused with the homonymous dynasty of the period between 936 and 94 

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